2021 Plant Shortage Report USA South

Explore the wholesale plant shortage trends and their impact on the landscape industry.

The twin shocks of COVID-19 and the Texas freeze have made many landscaping plants harder to find in the South USA. 

Download the Plant Shortage Report to explore the 2021 shortage causes, industry impact, and substitution options for your wholesale plants.

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Get a Closer Look at the Plant Shortages, From Foxtail Fern to Italian Cypress

Download the full report to understand species, sizes, and types of landscaping plants currently facing shortages.

Shortage Categories Covered in the Report

  • 2021 Shortages per container sizes
  • 2021 Fern Shortage
  • 2021 Wholesale Tree Shortage

Download the full report to learn more about the larger business trends,  pricing implications, and the impact on wholesale nursery businesses.

Learn How the Shortages Affect Wholesale Nurseries and Landscaping Jobs

Are you a wholesale nursery or a landscaping contractor currently struggling with plant shortages? Get insights on what caused the shortages, potential impact on landscaping jobs pricing, and more!


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