2022 Landscaping
Business Trends | USA

From the truck driver shortage to increasing material costs, explore
the top trends that will impact your landscaping business in 2022.

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As housing starts, household income and government investment in infrastructure rise, the demand for landscaping services is expected to increase.

However, supply chain blockages and rising material costs could restrict growth for the landscaping industry this year. 

Download the 2022 Landscaping Business Trends Report to learn more about multiple trends that may impact your landscaping business. 

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Get an overview of the biggest trends impacting landscaping businesses in 2022

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Biggest trends covered in the report:

  • Rising landscaping demand
  • Increase in costs for landscaping & nursery businesses
  • Labor and truck driver shortages
  • Sustainability & landscape design preferences


Allocated to support urban forests & tree planting in the IIJA


Multifamily housing units expected to be delivered in 2022


Vacant job positions
across the USA as of Dec. 2021


Expected rise in nursery costs over pre-pandemic levels

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